The First Amendment in America guarantees our right to free speech, perhaps the only right the Left clings to and champions.

And chief amongst those who tout their right to their free speech (not necessarily those with whom they disagree), is Main Stream Media (MSM). And standing on the bully-pulpit screeching more derogatory invectives about America and her good patriots than any other MSM outlet is CNN. Anyone that has been in, say O’Hare Airport, or a myriad of other airports around the country, has heard the CNN regiment of (leftward only) opinion journalists blathering on about America’s shortcomings. And the pundit colonel of the CNN regiment might have been Brit Piers Morgan.

Unfortunately for pundit Piers, his ratings are now at an all-time low for 2013–down 27% to 87K viewers in the prime 27-54 demographic. But wait…isn’t it hip to question authority and criticize America? Isn’t an English accent the epitome of cool?  One would think Piers would be a smash hit with his targeted “Millennial+ Generation” audience!

It would appear even with Piers’ attack on the Second Amendment, or perhaps because of said attack, he cannot scrounge up viewers. Morgan has been very vocal on his pro-gun control, anti-right to have and bear arms stance. He proudly voiced on his lack-luster show:

“I’m in favor of a nationwide ban on military-style semiautomatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,”

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