Remember this? Obama warned Russian president Vladimir Putin that “there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine.”

What “costs” will be paid Mr President? There will be no military cost. Putin knows that. There will be no military cost paid by the Ukrainians who gave up most of their weapons and all their nuclear deterrence long ago in exchange for a hollow American and European promise to come to their defense. Putin knows this.

Putin has been watching – watching community organizer Obama slip from one international blunder to another. From Egypt to Libya – from Afghanistan to Syria.

Yes, Puty-Pute has been watching Obama lead from behind as he recites lofty rhetoric from his teleprompter.

Putin knows exactly who he’s dealing with and Neville Obama hasn’t a clue who he is up against. And that also goes for the Obama brain-trust like Hagel and the erudite John Kerry, who fought in Vietnam, don’t ya know.

Putin is no diplomat. He’s a ruthless KGB warrior. Obama is whatever the opposite of that is.

Vlad doesn’t care about sanctions on a few low level bureaucrats. He knows there will be no military response by the U.S., nor should there be. Crimea or Ukraine isn’t worth WWIII.

Back on March 1st Johnny McCain called on Obama to “articulate exactly what those costs will be and to take steps urgently to impose them. Every moment that the United States and our allies fail to respond sends the signal to President Putin that he can be even more ambitious and aggressive in his military intervention in Ukraine”.

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