Libertarian Senator Rand Paul said Sunday that he is “definitely” considering a presidential run and has begun to put the wheels in motion, adding to months of speculation that there will once again be a Paul in the race for the White House.

“We’re definitely talking about it, my family’s talking about it,” Paul said on Fox News Sunday.

“We do the things that would be necessary to make sure that it can happen and will work. But I truly haven’t made my mind up and won’t make my mind up until after the 2014 elections,” he said.

The Senator was the run away winner this weekend of the annual CPAC straw poll. Paul pulled in 31% of the vote, placing him well ahead of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, his nearest rival with 11%.

Paul has also been pushing for further clarification of Kentucky state law, in order to ensure that he can simultaneously run for Senate and the presidency.

The Senator is on a roll with comments and actions that have lately proved incredibly popular with voters. At the CPAC conference, Paul received a resounding ovation for his speech during which he criticised Obama for eviscerating privacy and civil liberties.

Quoting from Pink Floyd’s legendary song “Wish You Were Here,” Paul described the sacrifice of liberty in the name of security as being like exchanging “a walk-on part in the war for a lead role in a cage.”

Paul expanded on those comments Sunday, noting “The youth in particular have lost faith in this president, and so I think there’s a real opportunity for Republicans who do believe in the Fourth Amendment to grow our party by attracting young people.”

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