We’ve seen some disturbing things put out by the Wikileaks group, but this might be at the top of the list.  The car hacking ‘theory’ has been around for years, but the report gives some validity to what has been unverified accusation.  However, the Wikileaks dump takes it a step further…

Wikileaks suggests that not only can the CIA spy on you (nay even commit murder) by hacking your car, but that outside hackers may also have accumulated this knowledge through the CIA.   Alas, you could be surveilled and/or murdered in your own car by anyone with a little computer knowledge and the hacking tools/methods available in cyberspace, courtesy of the CIA.  Seriously?

What’s the moral of this story?  I guess it’s – don’t get in a hack-able motorized vehicle if you’ve ticked off the gov’t or your neighborhood hacker?  The market for vintage cars might soon be on an upward trend.   Or, for those lacking the financial means to make such a purchase – maybe it’s time to pull out the old bike and clock some miles?   This is insanity!

The New American reports – It seems the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) could, at least in theory, murder you by hacking into your car’s computer, according to the pro-transparency group Wikileaks. And now, with some of the rogue agency’s hacking tools and methods available on cyberspace, any common criminal with some computer knowledge might be able to do so as well. It remains unclear whether the CIA, which brags about its mass murder, has actually murdered anyone by hacking their car. But reasonable suspicions about the possibility have been floating around for years — especially since the suspicious “car crash” death of journalist Michael Hastings, who was involved in exposing CIA and NSA crimes.

This week, the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks, which has leaked massive amounts of secret government data showing wrongdoing in recent years, dropped yet another bombshell: the largest-ever publication of confidential CIA documents. In all, the group is publishing close to 9,000 documents, code-named “Vault 7” by WikiLeaks. The latest revelations follow another disclosure last month showing that the controversial intelligence bureaucracy, described by an official as “one hell of a killing machine,” was targeting French politicians and parties for surveillance ahead of France’s presidential election.

In the weeks and months ahead, more revelations about the agency are certain to emerge. The New American magazine’s C. Mitchell Shaw has highlighted some of what is known so far. “With the WikiLeaks disclosures Tuesday about the hacking capabilities of the CIA, it is now known that the agency can hack at least on par with the NSA and with even less accountability,” he wrote. “One element of that is the ability to remotely access devices — such as computers, mobile devices, and televisions — to watch and listen to targets. Of course, since the CIA has lost control over its hacking tools, others now have that same ability.”

The implications of all that should be extremely troubling to anyone, whether they believe they have something to hide or not. “Once the hackers have control of those devices, they can remotely activate the cameras and microphones, turning the devices into surveillance apparatus owned and operated by the subjects (read: victims) of the surveillance — all without any indication to the owners of the devices that they were being watched and listened to,” Shaw continued. “No light. No indicators. Pure, surreptitious surveillance.”

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