When it comes to the government monitoring and ultimately STEALING your data, it’s good to keep things in perspective. And in doing so, it’s not a stretch to compare it to the Nazis.

Many of us believe, “If I’m doing nothing wrong, I have nothing to fear.” But I’ve watched enough spy thrillers to know that data can be manipulated, especially if I’m the one with the data.

Admittedly, I was in the “don’t care” camp when DHS was formed and America got the Patriot Act. Timing is everything, and I wanted the government to have all the power it needed to get those Muslims bastards who killed almost 3000 Americans. However, I have awakened.

I now see government–our present government–for what it really is…a monster. We are governed today by the very people of whom our Founding Fathers warned us. Our government officials are so drunk with power, they would do anything to keep it.

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