Responding to embattled Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s scandals concerning “Bridgegate” and Hurricane Sandy Relief funds, conservatives have been more anti-mainstream media, anti-President Barack Obama, and anti-Hillary Clinton than pro-Christie.

Their support, though, has been far from enthusiastic, showing how difficult it will be for Christie to not only win the Republican presidential nomination if he becomes a candidate but to win in the general election if he gets the nomination.

The mainstream media–and his friends at MSNBC–have turned on Christie, and conservatives have again defended an establishment Republican more than the establishment has ever defended them. Conservatives have pointed out that Christie has taken more accountability than Obama and Hillary Clinton have on Benghazi and how the mainstream media have scrutinized the “Bridgegate” scandal far more than Benghazi, which was a much more significant scandal in which a U.S. Ambassador was murdered.

But they have not defended him as fiercely as they would someone like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) or former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Conservatives relentlessly and ferociously defended Cruz, for instance, when he was attacked as a McCarthyite and when a former roommate who is a liberal Hollywood screenwriter with an ax to grind trashed him in the mainstream press. And Palin, who is still the most liked person among Republican presidential primary voters, has arguably the fiercest supporters in politics that make thin-skinned “lamestream media” reporters want to shut off their email boxes and Twitter accounts once her supporters feel that she has been wronged or unfairly treated by the press.

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