John McCain has got to go. Colorado recalled two state senators because of their opposition to the Second Amendment. It wasn’t too long ago that Gray Davis, the former governor of California, was recalled. This is evidence that a state-wide recall can happen if the voters are ticked off enough.

Some recall elections fail. There was an attempt to recall Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Conservatives turned out and Walker beat Tom Barrett 53.1% to 46.3%. That’s another good sign that when conservatives rally around a candidate who stands for and on conservative principles can win.

Those of us in other states will help fund any recall effort. This website and others associated with it will get behind the recall.

Please, do America a favor and recall McCain.

Ted Cruz and a few other elected GOP senators are trying to save America from the brink of financial ruin by stopping ObamaCare from going into effect. After a valiant filibuster effort, John McCain took it upon himself to attack the courageous senator from Texas.

It was hideous.

McCain’s argument is that the voters have spoken on ObamaCare by reelecting the president. It’s a leap in logic to claim that a vote for Obama was a vote for ObamaCare. If that’s so, then why did many Republican Congressmen get reelected because of their opposition to ObamaCare? Don’t their votes count?

It’s obvious that if the president’s reelection means that whatever he proposes must be supported, then there’s no need for an opposition party. This means John McCain isn’t needed in the Senate; therefore, it’s time for him to go back home.

If all he’s going to do is rubber stamp what the Democrats pass into law, then he’s not needed. We have the Democrats for that. It’s no wonder that McCain’s attack on Cruz and support of the Democrats is said to be “the Democratic response.”