After eliminating the filibuster option as it applies to presidential nominations, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said it is not a time for celebration — even though his move will let the Democrat majority speedily approve anyone President Obama chooses to nominate.

“I’m glad we changed it. It is a day of freshness for this great country of ours,” Reid said afterwards at a news conference on Capitol Hill.

Here are his opening remarks at that news conference:

This is not a time for celebration. It’s a time for being very serious. For too long Washington has been in gridlock, gridlock, gridlock. The American people are sick of this. We’re sick of it. Is it any wonder how people look at Congress? So as I said a little while ago, enough is enough.

And I’m not here talking about how clean we are and how dirty they are, or vice-versa. When it comes to what’s gone on on the Senate floor, there’s a lot of blame to go around. But the obstruction we’ve seen from Republicans against President Obama has reached new heights never dreamed of, never dreamed of, never even come close in the history of the country, through all the ups and downs we’ve had as a country.