Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he is delaying a debate and vote on legislation to raise the minimum wage, but he is adamant that he won’t consider plans to hike the pay to less than $10.10 an hour, even to attract reluctant Democrats fearing an election-year backlash to sign the bill.

Reid is blaming the delay on Republican opposition to raising the minimum wage, reports The Hill, but he is also having difficulty unifying his own caucus in the discussion.

Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor, considered one of the more vulnerable Democratic incumbents, says he does not support the legislation, which is now scheduled for discussion after the March recess, which runs from March 14-24.

Pryor has said taking the wage standard to $10.10 is too much, too fast,” but may support a smaller increase.

Two other vulnerable Senate Democrats, Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu and Mark Warner of Virginia, both of whom are also facing tough re-election bids this year, also expressed concerns about raising the federal minimum wage all the way to $10.10, reports Bloomberg Businessweek.

Landrieu and Pryor are both running for re-election where Obama lost by double-digit figures in 2012.