You’re well aware of the nature of Harry Reid, so it’s not like anyone is going to be shocked that he thinks this way. And of course, Reid is not known for restraining his tongue. But isn’t it still kind of astonishing, even coming from him, to hear such utter disregard for the real-life hardships being imposed on people because we really need to be thinking about the “legacy of Barack Obama”?

I hate to quote Politico because they are to journalism what Reid is to public service, but sometimes you just have to:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has no plans to put legislation on the floor to delay any of the Obamacare deadlines, putting him in line with the White House. But it’s unclear how long Reid can hold off if the administration continues to stumble and pressure grows within his ranks to act in order to protect his fragile Senate majority.

One senior Senate Democratic aide predicted that no action on the law would be taken before the end of the year but added that all bets are off if the problems extend into 2014.

“If we can’t pivot off this by the new year, then we’re in trouble,” the senior aide acknowledged.

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