Republican Congressman Bill Johnson of Ohio hit the nail on the head in his floor speech Tuesday when he said, “The federal government is getting too large and has too much control.”

This line, of course, isn’t anything new to conservatives, who have uttered it almost as long as Obama’s been in office. Unfortunately, it’s taken the reveal of three major scandals in a single week to spread the message to the American people that a smaller federal government is more effective than the mess we now have.

Certainly this is a teachable moment for Americans. But there are still larger and louder voices in the mainstream media who wish to drown out Johnson and others like him, who wish to mitigate the Internal Revenue Service’s abuse of its authority as nothing more than an instance of “low-level” indiscretion. If the Democrats and the mainstream media succeed in selling the American people this fallacy, the lesson will be lost.

The IRS scandal was not an unfortunate anomaly, but rather the predictable fallout of the explosion of new government powers under the Obama administration. Power concentrated in just the hands of a few tends to become corrupted, a fact that the nation’s Founding Fathers were aware of when they drafted the Constitution. That’s why they included the concepts of checks-and-balances and democratically elected representative leaders in our Constitution – so that no one in the federal government could become too powerful.

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