A Republican congressman is proposing legislation that would require the government to publicly reveal how much money it costs when a member of Congress uses military airplanes on taxpayer-funded trips overseas.

In an interview with The Daily Caller on Monday, North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones said his “Congressional Foreign Travel Cost Disclosure Act” is needed because he’s concerned that some congressional delegation trips (CODELS) are wasteful.

“Now let me be clear about it,” Jones told TheDC, “I’m all for visiting the troops, whether it be Afghanistan or Iraq, or some other country. But too many of these trips, in my opinion, are not that necessary and if they are that necessary, all we’re saying is that the people — the taxpayers — should be able to find out the cost of that trip.”

Jones recalled that he was outraged after learning several months ago of a recent CODEL to Australia that cost taxpayers $400,000. The cost of the trip led him to complain directly to House Speaker John Boehner.

“That’s when I wrote John Boehner a letter, and I said to John Boehner that he should say to all members of the House, no CODELs during this economic problem facing this country unless you’re going to visit the troops in Afghanistan or Iraq,” Jones said.