Republicans argued Tuesday that the Obama administration has not provided enough evidence that its $60.4 billion request in Hurricane Sandy aid is needed.

The GOP also argues Senate Democrats are rushing a bill to the floor. The Senate could bring a supplemental spending bill based on the administration’s request to the floor as soon as Thursday. The administration made its request in a 77-page letter to lawmakers on Friday evening.

“Who’s analyzed this? Nobody to my knowledge has in a very sophisticated way laid out a plan,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (Ala.), the ranking Republican on the Budget Committee, said of the request.

He questioned whether states in the Northeast hit by Sandy need that much money — or at least whether they need the entire $60.4 billion right now.

“And if it does take that much money, I would suggest we’d do better to approve what we know we need right now, and then come back later with more documented requests for more money.”

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