A Warren, Ohio convenience store was robbed recently. A local CBS station reported:

“[T]he man walked into the store at about 8 p.m. Tuesday and pointed the gun at a customer about 15 feet from the door. The masked man demanded the customer give him “everything,” reports said. The man then turned to the clerk and ordered him to empty the cash register. Reports said the clerk handed the man money and the suspect then reached over the counter and grabbed the cash register drawer… [H]e pointed the gun at the clerk and repeatedly asked who he voted for in the presidential election. The clerk said he was not allowed to vote. The gunman then said ‘Vote for Obama. This is Obama (expletive)’ before fleeing, reports said.”

An Obama supporter who also robs people of their money and forces them at gunpoint to vote for Obama? How shocking is that? (By the way, that was sarcasm for those whose sarcasm detectors need to be replaced.) I can’t think of a better picture of blatant class envy-based socialism than this story. It’s as if the robber is saying, “Yes, I’m taking your money at gunpoint because it’s just not fair that you have it and not me, and by the way, you’d better vote for Obama, or else…”

Poor guy. I guess he wasn’t pulling in enough money from his welfare checks, so he had to resort to crime. As we all know, and as Bill Maher has so eloquently stated in the past, “poverty causes crime.” It wasn’t this man’s fault that he had to resort to crime. He’s just poor, and he needs Obama to give him more money through welfare programs. (Again, sarcasm.) And since he wasn’t getting enough, he had to start robbing people. After all, welfare is robbery, so what’s the difference?