Mitt Romney said Sunday that he won’t take another shot at the White House.

The former Massachusetts governor said there are plenty of strong GOP candidates in contention for the 2016 nomination, but he won’t attempt to join them.

“No, I’m thinking about the people who I want to see running for president, and there’s quite a group,” Romney said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” program. “We have a very strong field of leaders who could become our nominee and could stand up for the kind of leadership I think America wants.”

He did not name names.

Romney, a Republican primary candidate in the 2008 presidential race, won the GOP nomination in 2012, but was defeated handily by President Obama.

Romney minced no words Sunday when it came to criticizing Obama’s track record, particularly on U.S. foreign policy in the face of an ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria and Russia’s recent invasion of Crimea.