Mitt Romney says his annual “ideas summit” in Park City, Utah, is part of a larger effort to help shepherd America back to a leading role in the world.

Appearing from the summit by satellite on Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Thursday, Romney laid out a laundry list of failures he attributed to President Barack Obama and Clinton, Obama’s former secretary of State.

“There’s almost not a place in the world that’s better off from her leadership in the State Department,” Romney said. He pointed to Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and China’s recent moves to claim disputed islands in the South China Sea.

“A policy of weakness and accommodation that came from the Obama and Hillary Clinton team has led to very serious and negative results,” he said.

Obama’s foreign policy is what has led to several crises throughout the world, he said, adding that it will be a challenge to recapture the lead and prevent more problems.

“And, gosh, I hope the president’s able to do that in his last two years,” Romney said. “I don’t know how we can go on with the country not having the kind of leadership that it needs.”

America, as leader of the free world, has the potential to guide history and shape events that are best for the world and for the United States, he said, but added that Obama hasn’t taken the action necessary to protect our interests overseas.

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