Is Mitt Romney running for president in 2016?

He has said no — even just weeks ago to Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation” on CBS News.

And, of course, he declared what becomes of nominees who lose their presidential bids in his “Mitt” Netflix documentary: “They become a loser. It’s over.”

But Fox New points out a number of circumstances that could point to a campaign brewing:

  • Last month, the former Massachusetts governor brought together members of his 2012 campaign staff at a reunion he hosted in Park City, Utah.
  • He has appeared on television news shows 12 times in the past six months, attacking President Barack Obama on issues ranging from the economy to Russia’s annexation of Crimea on the Ukrainian peninsula.
  • Romney hit on those same themes in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Caucus at National Harbor in Maryland. He won the conference’s straw poll in 2012.

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