Sen. Marco Rubio is urging President Barack Obama to support his bill that would delay Obamacare’s individual mandate until six months after the program’s malfunctioning website is working normally.

In a letter to the president Thursday, Rubio said that with six Senate Democrats having announced support for a delay, the bill has enough support to win a bipartisan majority, The Hill reports.

The administration has already announced a six-month delay in the enrollment process due to the website problems. The enrollment deadline has been pushed back to March 31. After that, uninsured individuals could face a tax penalty if they decide not to purchase health insurance.

“Given your own admission that the website’s problems cannot be ‘sugar-coated,’ I believe my legislation rests on common-ground between us despite our differences over Obamacare as a whole, and is therefore deserving of your support,” Rubio wrote in his letter.