Are global warming alarmists running out of ways to describe the certain destruction that will surely befall us? Could be.

It seems with every passing year these religious zealots try to one up themselves by pushing the urgency envelope – from global warming to climate change to climate shift to climate destruction to climate catastrophe to climate chaos.

I read an article on May 14 that claimed in its headline that this past “April was the second warmest ever recorded”.

This obviously is supposed to scare us and for some, who still believe this crap, it probably does. But as is usually the case with these articles meant to scare the general public, toward the end, it states that in the United States it was the 46th warmest. Now, that’s not very alarming is it.

It would be like two climate scientists standing in the kitchen – one next to the oven and the other well away from it. The headline would read, “Hottest Kitchen on Record”, because the researchers used only the temperature observed by the scientist standing beside the oven.

The fact is, these global warming clowns don’t really have a clue what the climate is going to be like even next year, much less 20 or 40 years from now. All they do – all they’ve ever done is make false claims from poorly designed computer models that can be manipulated to conclude anything they wish.

It’s all politics. It’s money, and a boatload of it. It’s power and control.

I used to think that at least some of these scientists and world leaders were actually true believers – that they really did trust and believe the theory of man caused warming. Not anymore.

Not when the French Foreign Minister stands up, flanked by our own Secretary of State, the haughty John Kerry, and has the stones to exclaim, “We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos”.

Chaos? I thought that’s who Maxwell Smart, the Chief and Agent 99 battled in the 1960s sitcom, Get Smart. Oh wait, that was “KAOS”. My mistake.

Yet it is a politician, or two politicians, who warn us of certain doom.

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