Russia’s ambassador to the U.N. on Monday afternoon compared the exit of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich from Kiev last month to a situation in which former Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney went to the White House while President Obama was away, and then Congress impeached the president.

During a U.N. Security Council meeting on the crisis in Ukraine and its Crimea region where Russian has seized control, Vitaly Churkin responded to an earlier reference by U.S. ambassador Samantha Power to the need to respect the constitution of Ukraine.

“We believe that that is important,” agreed Churkin, as translated by an official U.N. interpreter. “I’m trying to imagine where, if President Obama went to California, let’s say, and then Mitt Romney went to the White House and then – whatever, if the Congress, [skirting] around all procedures, called to impeach him when he was not in the White House.”

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