In yet another stunning repudiation of Obama on the world stage, Saudi Arabia refused a seat on the UNSC. Add this to the laundry list of epic failures of Obama’s foreign policy.

The Saudi discontent stems from its frustration with longtime ally United States. The two are at odds over a number of Mideast issues, including how Washington has handled some of the region’s crises, particularly in Egypt and Syria. It also comes as ties between the US and Iran, the Saudi’s regional foe, appear to be improving following a recent telephone conversation between President Barack Obama and Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani.

Who can forget Obama’s campaign promise of refurbishing America’s image across the world, and how determined he was to establish good relationships with foreign governments. Instead, he has made an enemy of almost every good ally the US has. Media coverage on this aspect of his failed presidency remains non-existent.

Don’t get me wrong, I shed no tears for Saudi Arabia, and lord knows the UN is increasingly sharia compliant anyway — driven largely by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the largest world body made up of 57 Muslim countries (and terror statelets, including the Palestinian authority).

But long-standing alliances are being destroyed systematically by the Obama administration. And this is another very public humiliation and condemnation of American betrayal and fecklessness under Obama.

Another longtime ally reeling from being stabbed in the back. Meticulously documented in my book, The Post American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on Americawe see time and time again the Obama administration intent on abandoning America’s friends and encouraging our enemies. He is stunning in his betrayal of good, reliable allies who had unfalteringly stood by us.

Egypt, Honduras, Israel, Poland, the Czech Republic, India, Taiwan, et al.

The media’s silence or re-framing of another one of Obama’s foreign policy disasters further disarms the American people for what’s coming.

I have little love for the increasingly irrelevant and sharia-compliant UN, but that is hardly the point.