There is no way to sugar-coat it, our culture is in decline and circling the drain at a rapid pace.  Everyday there is an assault of some sort on traditional values and beliefs, a constant mantra from the media that repeats like a skipping record.  This is not something that has just suddenly emerged; oh no, this has been in the works for about 100 years.

Our country has had its brushes with decadence and moral decline.  Just look at the Roaring 20’s with the rise of the “Flappers” who threw out the Victorian ways of the past century.  Uninhibited drinking, smoking and sex were everywhere, behind speakeasy doors and underground drug dens.  If you check out history books you can see the era of excess, easy money and a “devil may care” attitude.

Sound familiar?  They say that history repeats itself and that seems to be true.  In 1929, the great Depression hit with the fall of the stock market and the crash of the economy.  It was a sober wake-up call to all Americans and suddenly the fun and games were over.  The 30’s were a difficult time for people trying to survive, trying to feed their families or get a job.  There was little money so the only thing they had was their family, their faith and their honor.

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