A new French book that decries income inequality has become such the rage among the U.S. left that it is sparking debate on a smoldering political issue: That Hillary Clinton isn’t liberal enough to win the Democratic nomination in 2016.

Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” uses a mountain of historical data to show that income inequality, a subject President Obama has seized on, will grow without government intervention. One idea is to devote up to three-quarters of income to taxes.

Progressives, many of whom are eyeing Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren or even Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders leading up to 2016, see the issue as a winner in the election and aren’t satisfied with Clinton’s more moderate approach.

Scott W. Rasmussen, the former pollster, took that one step further in his column Thursday, suggesting that if Democrats continue to seek more government intervention, Clinton won’t win the nomination.

“It is,” he wrote, “the latest reason to believe that Hillary Clinton will not be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016.”

Rasmussen writes that many Democrats don’t believe that Obama has been liberal enough, and he’s left of Clinton. “People with such attitudes see former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as even more ‘conservative’ than the ‘centrist’ Obama.”


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