Departing Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius answered on Sunday the question buzzing around Washington — was she fired or did she leave? —  saying that President Barack Obama “made it pretty clear” that staying at the White House “really wasn’t an option.”

Sebelius spoke with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell about her resignation this week. “Were you pushed or did you jump?” Mitchell asked the secretary.

“Well, actually, I made a decision at the election that I couldn’t leave along with a lot of my colleagues who left at the end of the first term,” she replied. “That did not seem to be even a topic to consider, since there was still one more chapter in this Affordable Care Act that needed to roll out, and that had been one of my responsibilities.”

She added “there is never a good time” to leave, noting another open enrollment period beginning this fall and other scheduled implementations of the law.