The Secret Service has been embroiled in controversy over a female agent who wrote on her Facebook page (prior to the election) that she would rather face “jail time” than take “a bullet” for Trump.   Despite being informed of the post, by a concerned ‘whistleblower,’ the agency did not launch an investigation into the matter until the story was reported on in the Washington Examiner.

It now appears as though the agent will be removed from her position, but there are new reports that the agency is actively working to shield her from termination.

The Washington Examiner reports – The Secret Service will permanently remove a top special agent from her position after an investigation into her Facebook comments that she would rather not defend President Trump or take “a bullet” from him, but some agents are concerned she will simply be transferred to another government job.

About two weeks ago, the Secret Service placed the agent’s prior post — the special agent in charge of the Denver District, the top job in that office — on a list of agency openings, according to two Secret Service sources.

Kerry O’Grady, the agent in question, is on administrative leave amid an internal Secret Service investigation into her Facebook comments about Trump.

Current and former Secret Service agents and officers are worried that top officials at the agency are working to shield O’Grady from being fired.

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