John McCain, Lindsey Graham

The Obama administration “is making us less safe” by failing to treat the surviving Boston suspect as an enemy combatant, and losing critical intelligence that could establish the bombers’ ties to a larger terror network, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., tells Newsmax TV.

In an exclusive interview Tuesday, Sen. Graham says that President Obama’s decision to use a “law enforcement model” approach to dealing with this case will stymie efforts to prevent future attacks against Americans.

“What I would suggest is that the president say based on preliminary information that there is a preliminary indication that they may have ties to international terrorist groups we are at war with,” Graham says, giving security officials the ability to use military interrogation methods to obtain critical information.

Graham makes clear that Dzhokar Tsarnaev, currently in a Boston hospital and charged in the bombings, should not be tried in a military court since he has American citizenship.

But, he argues, that treating him first as an enemy combatant allows intelligence agencies to question him without his defense lawyer intervening.

The information gleaned from such an interrogation would not be used at his trial, but solely for the purposes of preventing future terror attacks, Graham said.

“I am convinced that the sophisticated nature of what happened in Boston, the multiple visits, at least one visit, probably more than one to a radical part of the world, the postings of his older brother, would suggest that we look long and hard at this story being just more than two people,” Graham says.