Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has criticized the Obama administration’s use of drones to target American citizens overseas. But he said he’s not afraid to sometimes agree with the administration, especially when it comes to restoring the voting rights of non-violent felons:”I had lunch about a week ago with Eric Holder, and we had a pretty extensive discussion about (drones), about due process, but also about second chance. I believe in a second chance. Kids that make mistake with drugs that are given a jail sentence or given time in jail, I think they deserve a second chance. I think they deserve to get their rights back, the right to vote back.”Paul said that’s one topic that he and Holder have in common.

“And you will find that I’m not someone — while I do criticize the president, I don’t do it only simply for partisan purposes. I do it when I disagree with him. When I agree with the president or with Eric Holder, I’m not embarrassed to say, even at CPAC, that I do agree with not allowing nonviolent felons, many years after their sentence, to be able to vote and enter society again.”