Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Republican, said the U.S. Senate has effectively become a one-man dictatorship being used by Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, as a “political weapon.”

Mr. Johnson countered a viewer’s question about Republicans’ use of the filibuster on C-SPAN Tuesday morning by saying Mr. Reid hasn’t allowed enough votes on Republican amendments to legislation.

“This is all political — that’s the problem,” he said. “Harry Reid is not running the Senate to actually pass bipartisan bills. He’s using the Senate, as [basically] a political weapon. It’s all about politics.”

Mr. Johnson pointed to a scheduled procedural vote on a proposal to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour as an example. Mr. Reid’s 55-member Democratic caucus isn’t exactly united on the issue, meaning the proposal would have to gain at least a handful of Republicans to achieve 60 votes and head off a potential filibuster. Even if the proposal somehow made it through the Senate, it’s unlikely to be approved by the GOP-controlled House.