The triumvirate said they will hand-deliver a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office, which states, “We will oppose the motion to proceed to any legislation that will serve as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions.” This all but spells out a brewing filibuster, which was able to break through the mainstream media wall-of-silence on drone usage via social media.

As pointed out by Mike Flynn, Harry Reid has dismantled the gun control package to allow vulnerable Democrats to vote against the most controversial measures — like the Assault Weapons Ban. The analysis by Katie Pavlich of Townhall is particularly helpful:

This is actually a brilliant move by Paul and Cruz. Reid has already had the ability to protect Democrats from voting on the assault weapons ban, but a filibuster on criminalization legislation would force Reid to either try and stop the talking, which will bring attention to gun control efforts of vulnerable Democrats or will be forced to allow a filibuster to continue, preventing a vote on the legislation.

The key issue at stake is whether the Republicans will allow the Democrats to gain a foothold in assembling a de facto national gun registry through universal background checks. The federal government was never intended to be a body that dictates whether sovereign citizens were fit to carry arms or not. States, on the other hand, have Tenth Amendment power to regulate if citizens can carry arms based on criminal behavior or legally definable characteristics.

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