The United States of America is the best country on earth. I believe that with all my heart, despite its flaws, hiccups and aberrations in judgment. As a wealthy nation, we have felt that it is our duty to help others in need, and while it is usually a good thing, at times that aid to other nations has bitten us in the butt.

We give aid to other nations for a myriad of reasons: help after a natural disaster, military aid to countries that are being bullied or present an opportunity to protect our own interests, economic aid to countries that can become better world citizens with our help. Not all aid to foreign nations is a bad thing, but after four years of difficult economic times the question we should be asking is if we should be spending billions of dollars helping others when so many of our own are hurting?

Super Storm Sandy is a perfect example of what I mean. In 2010 there was a catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. The US sent more than $712 million dollars in various forms of aid relief from our government (not including the millions that we Americans gave in private donations to the Red Cross, Catholic Charities and others). We were the biggest contributor of aid to Haiti, and in my opinion we were because the rest of the world expects the US to step up and pony up.

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