John Kasich lost all my respect during the 2016 primary season. It wasn’t that he ran and held on long after he had no chance of winning, it was the GOP Convention held in Cleveland.  As the governor of Ohio, Kasich was supposed to be a host of the convention. But instead he played the sore loser who wasn’t interested in party unity, Ohio Governor John Kasich boycotted his own convention.

On Sunday John Kasich said  he has no intention of running for office again.

Asked by CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” if was going to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020,
Kasich responded:

Dana look I went to Munich to talk about the importance of NATO at the invitation of John McCain right I waded into the health care debate because I didn’t want to see coverage ripped out of all these people’s hands okay my job, believe me my job is to be a voice that’s constructive I’m not really interested in running for political office again I’m interested in being a voice that can help bring the country together again and I don’t be self-righteous or any of this stuff oh you’re not here to go up again you’re not going to run for president I don’t,  I don’t,  I don’t   I don’t see it, I just don’t see it ever I don’t see it Dan I mean what look I got other things I have to do I don’t see it you know you don’t close the door on anything but I am I don’t have my eyes on that and the reason i have an organization there is so that I can maintain a voice not just as governor but when I’m not governor I don’t intend to go away I hate to tell you for those that want me to go away I’m not going away.

Apparently the two-term Republican governor has continued to do national interviews, has maintained a political organization and has been working on a book — all moves suggesting interest in a future run. Kasich, however, emphatically denied this was the case.
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