The political world is still buzzing over the incendiary comments New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo made regarding his views on Republicans, more specifically, conservatives.

Even dyed in the wool New Yorker Sean Hannity said he would make plans to leave his state. Something I thought he would never do or even say. Good for Sean.

Now I don’t know if Cuomo really believes the things he said or whether he simply sees the final transformation of the Democratic Party into the Communist Party via New York City Mayor DeBlasio? It may be a calculated attempt to shift way left. Who knows – who cares. He said what he said and there’s really no walking it back.

It’s funny though, with all the problems plaguing his state and the country, he and the rest of the leftists insist on blaming conservatives for ruining the country. We are why the country is falling apart. It certainly couldn’t be the combination of almost 200 years of rotten, fascist, racist Democrat policies. Whatever do I mean, you ask?

I mean just this. Look back in history and be reminded that virtually every bad policy, every ruinous decision, every unconstitutional law or mandate was the handiwork of a Democrat.

Look back at the “father” of the Democrat party, King Andrew Jackson. Oh yes, Obama isn’t the first president who fancied himself a monarch. Jackson was also quite often called a dictator. He believed in “Manifest Destiny”, the evil opposite of “Divine Providence”. He pushed for and got past his “Indian removal act”, or ethnic cleansing act, which basically led to the extermination and/or removal of all Indian tribes east of the Mississippi. That, of course, led to the infamous “Trail of Tears” march, thanks to the next Democrat up and hand-picked Jackson successor, Martin Van Buren. In 1889 Van Buren also allowed for the near extermination of the Mormons in Missouri. It was called the “Mormon War” and Van Buren just allowed it to happen due to his fear of losing votes in Missouri. That’s character, eh?

Next up is Woodrow Wilson and until recently I considered him to be the worst, most evil president in American history. I predict Obama will surpass him or maybe it will be a number 1 and 1A thing.

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