Danger. Danger. Al Qaeda’s Syrian wing also known as “rebels” bent on overthrowing Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad (mirroring the Saudi, the Obama administration and Republican Senator John McCain’s position), have taken over the oilfields that once belonged to Assad.

If that wasn’t bad enough it gets worse. We are a hair trigger away from World War III. Reportedly Assad is preparing missile strikes against Tel Aviv if Syria is attacked again.

Meanwhile, back in Obama’s America, don’t call Libya’s weapon recovery program “buyback” that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton funded using $40 million of your tax dollars after the Obama—Clinton regime toppled Col. Muammar Gaddafi because if you do, the State Department will deny it exists. You can however refer to it as the MANPAD program—Man-Portable-Air-Defense Systems or shoulder-fired-anti-aircraft missiles that the U.S. is “helping” Libya to recover and secure among its weapon stockpiles.

Yes, we have entered the smoke and mirror stage of the absurd by playing word games with the State Department now.

Why is getting the status and inventory of Libya’s weapons recovery program so critical? Because arms from Libya have shown up in Syria. As the Wall Street Journal reported: “The U.S. effort in Benghazi was at its heart a CIA operation,” and the State Department presence in Benghazi “provided diplomatic cover” to conceal weapon transfers from Libya to Syria.

Is that why all my Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests regarding Ambassador Christopher Stevens meeting with Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin before he was murdered have been denied?

Don’t think the terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith as Watergate, think bigger, think Iran Contra.

“What difference does it make?” shrieked Hillary Clinton, regarding the Benghazi terrorist attack, during her testimony before the Foreign Relations committee. A big one.

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