The use of drones elicits mixed reactions from people. Some conservatives favor the use of drones as long as they’re used in a far away land, killing those that our government tells us are terrorists.

The government doesn’t have to produce evidence or bring charges against any of the people they kill as long as they have reasonable suspicion that the person in question is somehow tied to an organization that our government has deemed a terrorist organization. They don’t have to produce evidence because we’re in a “war”—a war on terror. And in a war, anything goes. Even killing innocent men, women and children. Since it’s a war, those innocents that are killed are just collateral damage.

Liberals used to be opposed to the war on terror because Bush was the one that declared it. Now, since Obama is in office and has greatly expanded this terror war and has greatly increased the use of predator drone strikes in places like Pakistan and Yemen, liberals have mostly been silent on the subject. It’s bad when a Republican is given unilateral power to authorize killing people including innocents, but it’s OK when Obama does it.

While the predator drones have (as far as we know) remained overseas, surveillance drones are proliferating here in America for domestic use. It has people concerned about privacy. They don’t like the idea of local and federal governments and police departments using drones to watch us.