It’s Stupid Question Time.

  • Should the Muslim Brotherhood be represented in the crafting of U.S. domestic and foreign policy?
  • Should persons with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood hold positions of trust in our government?
  • Should our “elected representatives”, such as Barry obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain be cozy, warm, fuzzy and protective of questionable persons in violation of their oaths to the U.S. Constitution?

Extra Stupid Bonus Rhetorical Question: If this is the stuff that is visible or leaking out about what is supposedly our government, can you imagine the traitorous and destructive things that they are keeping secret?

The correct answers are: (1) No, (2) No, (3) “How much did you have to drink?” and (Bonus) “You’d better get me one too.”

There is no shortage of evidence that the Muslim brotherhood is heavily involved in the U.S. Government. Any internet search will turn up names, positions and their links to the organization. This in itself is very troubling. It is especially concerning when the names and positions of the American enablers and facilitators are considered. It goes all the way to the top, or more correctly, begins at the top and permeates its way down. Some label this as infiltration. Yeah, like my eggs become infiltrated with hot sauce when I shake it on. It’s more like a deliberate placement of subversive elements by higher ranking subversive elements.

Americans love the “diversity” argument, that these are statistical aberrations that occur from inclusion of all types in our “Great Experiment in Freedom”, because we are so admired by the rest of the world blah, blah, blah. To that argument, I respond….Bull Crap! The Muslim Brotherhood is an organization which has as its objective, Universal Islam under Sharia Law. Universal means everybody, including you and me. It includes every person in the United States, and prescribes death to the infidels who do not convert to Islam. So our “president” is helping to bring this decision to your home: Bow to Mecca five times a day, pray to Allah, or be killed. This seems to me to be a little more pressing of an issue than who lost this week on “Dancing With The Stars.”

And virtually nobody in our government is challenging Barry obama or his underlings as they march the world towards a showdown with our new Islamic “masters.” Are the rest of our government officials also members of Muslim Brotherhood, sympathizers, blackmailed, purchased traitors, intimidated go-along-to-get-alongs or just useful idiots? Whichever it is, it’s a losing deal for the average Joe Citizen.

Even one person of this terrorist belief holding a place in our government is too many. Coddling these people, and allowing them any input in formulating any policy is a traitorous act by their own organizational definition. They appear to have been selected specifically because of their affiliation. It’s as if the U.S. government recruiters decided, “You know, what we really need for this position is a nut job that wants to destroy America.” At least the regime composition is consistent, top to bottom.

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