Last week, I told you about the outhouse on Route 66 in New Mexico that had a sign atop it that read “Obama’s Presidential Library.” At that time, city manager Doug Powers said that he didn’t know anything about the sign, but would see if it violated any city codes. Well, Powers made good on his promise and referred the matter to city code enforcers, who then referred the matter to Randy Knudson, the city’s attorney, according to city project administrator Kayleen Evans.

According to Knudson, he is reviewing pictures of the sign and the city’s sign ordinance to see if the sign requires a permit. Here we go again with city ordinances about signs. We have seen what kind of ridiculousness ensues with city ordinances concerning signs, especially when that sign is a cross.

The sign is attached to another sign that is 20 feet tall. The taller sign reflects the name of Massey Ferguson outlet which moved years ago. Currently the building and fenced lot behind it are on a lease-purchase to Dusty Kovald, according to Mark Whittington, who owns the property.

Though the sign has been up for weeks, indicating that code enforcement isn’t a really serious issue for this small town in New Mexico, it didn’t come under the eye of city government until a local television station featured it, which we provided video for in the previous report.