Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was introduced to an enthusiastic crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference today as “born in Canada to a Cuban father,” bringing to mind the issue of whether or not he is constitutionally eligible to be president as a “natural born citizen.”

Cruz, nevertheless, has made it clear he believes he is eligible for the Oval Office, and he kicked off CPAC 2014 with a set of policy objectives.

“We are at the edge of a cliff,” Cruz told the crowd. “Liberty is under assault.”

Borrowing Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan, “Hope and Change,” Cruz said millions around the world have lost hope because under President Obama achieving the American Dream has become harder and harder to accomplish, and change is a call to end the corruption in Washington, D.C.

“If you were to sit down and try to design an agenda that would hammer the daylights out of young people, you couldn’t do a better job than Obama has done,” Cruz said. “Under Obama, the youth of today have become a ‘lost generation’ with few job opportunities.”

Cruz accused Obama of lying, comparing the president’s statement “If you like your health care, you can keep it” to the pilgrims telling the American Indians, “If you like your land, you can keep it.”

He said the president must “support the Constitution – all of it,” referring to a recently aborted Federal Communications study that would put government “monitors” in TV newsrooms.