We’re a country of luxurious freedom and excessive material wealth, but if you look at the paper today, you’ll see that our nation’s engine is on fire and pretty soon, we’ll be adrift in the ocean, with urine-stained carpets and not enough food to go around.

Passengers on the Carnival Triumph Cruise expected black tie dinners and Godiva on their pillows, but instead had to endure a stomach-churning nightmare.

I couldn’t help but notice the irony of the richest people in the richest country primped and ready to indulge in frill and pomp, instead pooping in zip lock bags and wading through their cabins in sewage water. This cruise ship disaster is a perfect microcosm for the narrative of America.

100 years ago, we were rich in our freedom, rich in our rights, and we went about our lives as cruise ship passengers do – carefree and enjoying every moment. We got too comfortable. When the engine exploded, and our rights started being stripped away from us, we were blindsided. Capitalism – the very concept that made us great – became a bad word. Now, our ship is almost unrecognizable and we’re trapped at sea.

The liberal would probably look at the cruise ship catastrophe and come up with some counter-analogy to imply that rich people are bad. Luxury is bad. We should all have the same things and no one should be more privileged than the next guy. Socialism.