Bill Maher says, “We should have a culture of death.”

Maher wants more room on the freeways, and thinks eugenics is the answer. He wasn’t joking.  There were some uncomfortable giggles at the top of the interview, but he gets very serious and details which people should die first, and why we should kill them.  He is careful to say, “We should kill all the right people.”   Who are the right people?  He says that women should have the right to avoid “bringing someone into the world that is compromised” with “severe challenges.”  He says it’s something a dog can even do.  Humans should have the rights of dogs, right?

Be warned. The world has seen many cultures of death, from the Aztecs to Mohammadian wars, to Nazi Germany and Somalia. One thing is constant; the poor people are the first and greatest victims. In his book, How do you kill 11 million people, Andy Andrews warns, you do it with a lie. Here is the most insidious lie in history that Bill Maher is too vain not to blabber about: the liberals want you to vote them into office because they care about you.

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