The following was written in response to Bob Unruh’s recent WND article (“Democrat Demands Eligibility Hearing Now”) on the petition by Attorney Larry Klayman on behalf of Democrat Plaintiff Michael C. Voeltz for determination by the court as to the eligibility of Democrat candidate Barack Obama.

Think of the absurdity of all of the endless debating and legal maneuvering (on the part of the judges and the Obama defense team) when all that is needed, and all that has been needed from the beginning of this insulting charade, is for a judge to simply require the obvious – that his “original” birth certificate be examined. Is there a sentient being on the planet who would not admit that this would end the so-called “side show” once and for all? No, of course there isn’t…not an honest one (or one who registers brain-wave activity), at least.

Instead, even if a judge were to order this, Jill Nagamine, the Hawaii Deputy Attorney General whose husband is somehow closely tied to Obama, would twist the law – as she already has on numerous occasions – to protest that showing the birth certificate (a “bonafide” copy of which he has supposedly posted on his official White House website for all the world to see) would violate HI state law. Even though the very statute that she has quoted ad infinitum (HRS 338-18: b-9) specifically allows that a “court of competent jurisdiction” can order examination of such a document.

In addition, according to the same statute (HRS 338-18: g-4): “A private or government attorney who seeks to confirm information about a vital event relating to any such record which was acquired during the course of or for purposes of legal proceedings” can request “a verification in lieu of a certified copy” of the validity of specified facts from the record. In other words, Mr. Klayman himself could by this very statue request that the State of Hawaii verify that the virtual birth certificate posted at whitehouse.gov is an exact replica of the original birth certificate in their vault. (AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett asked for this to be verified, and HI State Registrar, Alvin Onaka, did not verify that it was, but in a carefully crafted response said only that “the information” on the document posted at whitehouse.gov “matched” the record in their files. Attorney Klayman could, in fact, demand that the precise question be answered – unlike Mr. Bennett, who was only pretending to comply with the request of this author and others and therefore did not press the matter – shamelessly accepting a deliberate non-answer as sufficient when it clearly was not.)

Once again, is there anyone who would pretend that if Mr. Obama actually had a legitimate birth certificate he wouldn’t have simply turned it over (or allowed a forensic examination thereof)? No, once again there is not…but the sovereign People of this country are expected (told, by Republicans no less) to simply sit back and mindlessly accept that he has nothing to hide!

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