By:  Marilyn Assenheim

The IRS is, arguably, the government agency most hated and feared.  It is the only plaintiff in America where the accused is guilty until proven innocent. Now the IRS appears to be on the ropes. They have committed criminal acts. They have isolated entities such as conservatives (particularly those with “Tea Party” and “patriot” in their groups’ names), conservative Hispanic groups and pro-Israel groups for…special attention.

Facts are surfacing daily about information the IRS leaked to The Lyin’ King’s supporters about his enemies; information that the IRS is prohibited, by law, from divulging to anyone, even the president. When Richard Nixon, hardly a paragon of presidential virtue, joked about how great it would be if only he could sic the IRS on his political enemies, the resulting outrage eventually hounded him out of office. Note that he only mentioned it; he never did it. Yet here is unquestionable evidence, presented by the IRS itself, that they have perpetrated the unthinkable on The Lyin’ King’s watch and the silence is deafening. Oh there is high dudgeon in evidence on Capitol Hill.  There are calls for reform and the uprooting of a system “rotten at the core” but, what is being done? Not much. The Lyin’ King, ostensibly infuriated at what the IRS has perpetrated, has accepted the resignation of Acting Commissioner of the IRS, Mike Miller last week. Just a few weeks before Miller had already scheduled his departure.

The cherry on the sundae so far, however, is Sarah Hall Ingram.  Ingram was the executive in charge of the IRS tax exempt division in 2010 when it began marking conservative groups for harassment. Has Ms. Ingram been reprimanded for her part in the illegal activities, beginning in 2010? Not exactly. Ingram received bonuses for her invaluable service to The Lyin’ King, four years running. In 2009, she received a bonus of $7,000. In 2010, however, her actions warranted an increased bonus of almost 500%, $34,440. In 2111 her service to the regime earned her an even greater return, $35,400. In 2012, not so much; a mere $26,550. Ingram’s bonuses totaled $103,390 over that  four year period. Her salary during the same period had risen to $177,000 from $172,000. Coincidence? Not likely. As with everything heinous the regime gets caught doing, The Lyin’ King disavowed any knowledge of what the IRS was up to. But he must have known and liked something about Ingram’s performance; no bonus greater than $25,000 can be awarded to a federal employee without the express knowledge and authorization of the president. What, to the president’s knowledge, could Ingram have done to earn a bonus five times greater than she had gotten year before her department launched attacks against conservatives? And here’s the cherry on the sundae: Ingram has been promoted. She is now the Director of the IRS Obamacare office, an enormous ballooning of the IRS’s regulatory powers. You know, the humongous expansion of the same government the likes of David Axelrod admitted was already “too big” for even Our Dear Leader to handle?

The public is so infuriated by these actions that rage is even exploding in commentary on sports websites. Yet, according to The Washington Examiner, House, Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp said “…the scandal hasn’t reached the level where a special prosecutor is warranted.

‘…We need to know how and why and certainly try to restore the faith that’s been broken and the trust that’s been broken …’.” No, we already know why. We don’t need to attempt to “restore faith and trust”.  Specific targeting of conservatives by the IRS is an infringement of speech. What we “need” to do is to get rid of this regime and its dishonest outliers, like the IRS.