Our United Nations Ambassador is a “blameless target” for Benghazi. The president urges other political representatives to “take (him) on” instead of Susan Rice, the current United States Ambassador to the United Nations. The president, according to a sycophantic Governor Andrew Cuomo, has “fixed” the havoc wrought by hurricane Sandy. The president declares November 15th America Recycles Day. The president renews his attacks on “the rich,” continuing to blame George Bush and ignoring responsibility for his exploding deficit.

The messianic president and his sainted lady wife’s figurines have now been included in some Italian-made crèche tableaux. Our Secretary of State will testify about the Libyan attack after an independent Accountability Review Board hands down its finding. The Senate resumes work with a vote on the disposal of polar bear carcasses.

It seems one can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a politically-based headline guaranteed to strike one senseless.

Let’s take just the first example. The Lyin’ King’s spirited defense of Susan Rice is both an assault and an insult to rationality. Rice, a long-time Progressive automaton, is an innocent victim who was merely “acting on the best information available to her.” The president says she was sent out by the White House; adamantly regurgitating the fantasy about a video causing random acts of violence in the Middle East. By “the White House” one can only presume that he means that he actually authorized her appearance on five Sunday news programs, not the actual brick-and-mortar structure itself. Judging by what the mainstream media want us to believe, one can never tell.

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