How many times over the last decades are we going to hear from Washington leadership, especially in the Executive Branch, that they “didn’t know” or it was some underlings fault?  I wonder how long the American people are going to get scammed with those excuses before finally waking up.  There is a basic and simple reason for these pleas of incompetence from perpetrators of criminal behavior.  You don’t go to jail for incompetence or lack of knowledge.  You do go to jail for intent and deliberate illegal acts.  Possibly you could go to jail for negligence, but not nearly for the same degree of punishment as if clear intent was proven.  You don’t go to jail if you can show that the act was committed by some rogue employee and you knew nothing about it.  Uh huh, and my Aunt Sadie was the Queen of Sheba.

Let’s look at incompetence, just for the sake of argument.  We are all so tolerant these days of fallibility.   So and so “didn’t mean to do it.”  So and so was just a weak person and fell into a circumstance so and so could not handle.  Poor so and so.  O.K. that might work for a youngster who needs guidance.  But we are talking about the supposed cream of the crop at the upper echelons of leading our nation.  How much slack are you willing to give these people after they have landed in the most powerful positions in the nation?  A lot of these folks are graduates of the nation’s top law schools.  If you want to pretend they are incompetent, you surely are kidding yourself.  Some incompetence could be applied, but not at the highest levels and that alone is reason to remove them from their positions.  Do you really think all of this amounts to incompetence at this point?   And when incompetence meets malfeasance, how much of this is this nation going to tolerate?

“But judge, but judge, I didn’t have a clue that would happen!”  “No, judge, I didn’t know anything about that!”  “But judge, now that I see there is a problem, I’ll make sure it never happens again!”

“And after all, what difference does it make?”  “Yes, judge, I’ll start an investigation and get to the bottom of it!”  “Whether it is legal or not is irrelevant!”  “It must have been that awful and repulsive video!”  What?  You say the AP was wiretapped?  “Oh, no, I didn’t know anything about that!  Oh, wait, I remember now!” “That was a national security issue so we had to do it!”  “But judge, it was just some low level employees who didn’t know any better!”  “Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

The truth is they have gotten away with this “can’t remember,” “I didn’t know,” what difference does it make,” shtick for so long now that they can’t imagine it won’t work again and again.  Because it has.  I guess it is too much to expect that the guilty liars would admit their culpability.  Nope.  You have to pin it on them and make it stick.  I sure hope that is what we will see happen next.  What do you want to bet that Valerie Jarrett is vacationing somewhere in Iran about that time?
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