Life in the real world is a stone-cold bitch, sometimes. Just ask President Obama, who got played in public the other day by the leader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bibi knows a little bit about what it takes to navigate the reality of a tough, dishonest and sometimes brutal world. So standing up at a press conference with a not so friendly U.S. President and the world watching, he just smiles and thanks his counterpart for agreeing with him on how to do battle going forward. Even though he doesn’t.

I had to chuckle while Mr. Netanyahu put words into Barack Obama’s mouth, and President Obama could only cringe through a phony smile while he’s getting owned by a veteran. Mr. Netanyahu is in charge of making his people safe and my guess is he spends every waking hour working to that end. President Obama? Not so much… The spectacle of watching our incompetent “leader” stand there with his arrogant words and posture made me think of how difficult this world must be, with so many points of view and so many people out there that want what we have.

They’ll kill us to get it. Bibi knows that, but I wonder if our kids will?

Then along comes this story out of Boston: The principle at Ipswich Middle School has taken it upon himself to cancel honors night, because it might hurt the feeling of kids who didn’t make the cut. Are you nuts? Principal David Fabrizio (sounds like some sort of laundry softener) says that although it may be devastating to the kids who worked their asses off to become honor students, the little kittens who tried and failed could be further humiliated at the horror of seeing the winners being acknowledged for their achievement.

You know why this is double stupid? Because the very kids that Mr. Fabreeze is trying to save from having nightmares are learning that trying is enough, and succeeding warrants no further accolade. This is a small microcosm of the new America in general where if you work hard, you can succeed, just don’t ask to be noticed. Not anymore. What are we teaching our kids – or better yet – what are we not teaching our kids? The answer: Reality.

I call it the “pussification” of America.

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