Armed by the arrogant confidence that comes via a protective circle of self-serving, back-scratching politicians (including Republican ones), who do nothing to deter his increasing taunts against all things American,  President Barack Hussein Obama continues to publicly trash the cherished image of the military.

Taking a leaf straight from the book of his overbearing wife, Michelle, who used military members in full dress as props on the night she invaded living rooms via satellite from the White House to announce this year’s Best Picture, yesterday big brave BHO used Marines holding umbrellas to shelter both himself and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan from a little light drizzle in the White House Rose Garden.

The photograph of the two with the umbrella-holding Marines went viral on the Internet, but lost on an ever-taunting Obama was the stark contrast between the dedicated young men who serve the country and his anti-American self.

This president who holds respect for nothing American and who seems to consider nothing sacred referred to Erdogan as “our prime minister”.  Was he planning to later dive, yet again under the slip-of-the-tongue cover, or was it part of a deliberate attempt to underline photographic proof that an Islamic prime minister can be served by an umbrella-holding U.S. Marine?

Worst of all, Obama, who still maintains the cover up on the September 11, 2012 slaughter of four courageous Americans in Benghazi, Libya, openly called the terrorist attack that cost them their lives, an “incident”.

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