The United Nations is working towards global disarmament through their US Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (“ATT”) which is being held this week in New York. Many UN Member Nations have already disarmed their own citizens and that is exactly what they would like to see happen in the United States. The United Nations is an unelected body, accountable to no one, working to outlaw our gun rights.

However, the UN is not working alone. They’ve got a propaganda machine tirelessly working every day targeting the NRA and gun owners as evil. That propaganda machine is known as “The International Action Network on Small Arms” (“IANSA”) located in London, England.

According to IANSA’s mission statement, through research, advocacy and campaigning, IANSA members are promoting local, national, regional and global measures and, its goal is “to stop the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons.” IANSA’s power and influence comes from over 500 anti-gun, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are members of the group.

Rebecca Peters, who originally headed up IANSA, also worked for well-known philanthropist, billionaire and gun-hater George Soros’ Open Society Institute. Ms. Peters has been successful in obtaining an endless supply of money for IANSA’s gun control agenda.

Ms. Peters led the gun ban in Australia, and is resigned to do the same to Americans. Ms. Peters is now an international arms control advocate. With her leadership, the Australian gun law banned all gun ownership. The Australian government destroyed more than about 650,000 of these weapons, with the largest gun buyback and destruction program in history.

Britain gave a $2 million grant to IANSA in 2001 through an organization Britain created to hide the real source of this money, known as the Global Conflict Prevention Pools (“GCPP”), whose purpose is disarmament and tackling the proliferation of small arms. It makes one wonder, after over 230 years: Did we really ever truly win our freedom from the King of England?

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