President Obama has failed in his job to secure and defend our borders with other nations, namely the US-Mexico border.  Illegals are still pouring in by the hundreds and thousands, and Obama refuses to enforce federal law to stop the flow of illegal Democratic voters.

I’ve often advocated that we should bring our troops home from places like Iraq and Afghanistan and place them along our border with Mexico.  The primary duty of our military is to protect America and its citizens and what better way than to have them armed and patrolling our borders.  After all, many other countries do it, why shouldn’t we?

But that will never happen as long as Obama occupies the White House.  So what other options are there?

Wild Bill of America has offered up an option that not only would work, but it would create such a stir in Washington that it would be worth it just to watch.  He suggests that the thousands of retired military and law enforcement people volunteer to patrol the Mexican border.  Bill points out that there are hundreds of empty FEMA trailers that could be used to house them in.

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