We all remember the speech that George W. Bush gave, where he described North Korea, Iran and Iraq as the “Axis of Evil”.

Well, there’s a new “Axis” in town, as it were – like three legs holding up the same evil stool.

The first leg is the Democrat party – the whole lot of them. The second leg is the establishment wing of the Republican Party, which is most of them.

The third is an organization that many would not expect – the United States Chamber of Commerce and its el Presidente, Tom Donohue.

On January 8, Jim Kuhnhenn of the AP wrote a piece concerning the Chamber of Commerce and immigration (illegal, that is), as well as politics and the upcoming elections.

It is important to know what this “pro-business” organization has morphed into, so I’d like to comment on some of what Mr. Kuhnhenn wrote.

The chamber has, in the past, was thought of as anti-big government and pro-private industry. That it gave voice and power to small business. However, it has morphed into a big business, crony corporatist, K Street lobbying group.

Mr. Kuhnhenn writes: “The president of the US Chamber of Commerce says the nations biggest business lobby intends to ‘pull out all the stops’ to pass an overhaul of immigration laws. That would place the chamber on the side of Pres. Barack Obama on one of the White House’s top legislative priorities of the year. ‘We are determined to make 2014 the year that immigration reform is finally enacted’, chamber Pres. Tom Donohue said…”

Right off the bat, Mr. Donohue tells us where he and his group stands. And always remember to insert “illegal” in front of immigration, because that’s what he means. They are trying to remove “illegal” from the debate, so that they all may bash their detractors for being “anti-immigrant”.

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