Ever gone to a Chuckee Cheese with your kids and play the game “Whack a Mole”? The goal is to hit a mole every time it rises out of the hole and you never know where/when the next one will pop out for you to “whack”! If you are successful at the game you hit them all on their heads and get lots of points in the process! You are then reigned the “hero” by your kids because you won them lots of tickets for lots of “stuff”!

Just like that crazy game, the “lapdog media”, Super PACS and the Obama campaign seem to be waging these faux “war on women” attacks against the Republican Party and Mitt Romney in general.  Every day a new attacks pop out of the hole, each one even more desperate than the next.  So if you question where this faux war came from, I can tell you this is not a new tactic for Democrats but because of 24/7 cable news, Internet and social media those attacks seem to have taken on a whole new level of disturbing.  First, let’s cover when this alleged war on women started.

January 7, 2012 the ABC/Yahoo Republican debates were held and George Stephanopoulos (a known liberal) was one of the moderators. When it came time for Stephanopoulos to direct a question to Gov. Mitt Romney the question of contraceptives was first exposed.  The gist of the question was whether Romney would agree that states could ban contraceptives.  Romney questioned why that topic would be brought up when not one of the candidates on the panel has ever suggested anything close to that concept in their platform.  Little did we know this was the catalyst for the whole “war on women” mantra waged by the Democrat Party.

A little over a month later, America was introduced to a 30 year old college student named Sandra Fluke who, in front of a “special panel” and her mentor Nancy Pelosi, suggested that taxpayers and her catholic institution Georgetown University should pay for her contraceptives.  Outrageous I know, but the media didn’t think so until the next day when Rush Limbaugh would become the new “piñata” for the left wing media types and radical groups.  Limbaugh (as we are all aware) called Ms. Fluke a “slut” for suggesting she had so much sexual activity that it would cost her $3,000 a year for birth control.  Well any woman with common sense would question how her contraceptive could cost that much a year.  Limbaugh’s statement lacked couth grant it, but Ed Schultz called Lauran Ingram a “slut, a talk show slut” as well, not for her use of contraceptives but because she is a conservative talk radio host.  So we had selective outrage with groups like Color of Change (Soros and Van Jones backed group) and the “lapdog media” attacking one person (Limbaugh) simply because he speaks for the conservative voters while Ed Shultz receives a pass.

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