Under the Obama administration we have come to expect dishonesty, sidestepping and outright flip flopping on any and all issues, imagined or real. The latest drift is toward coming down hard on anyone who slams or ‘inflames’ Muslims on social media like Twitter or Facebook.

This particular attack on the truth about dangerous religions and behaviors comes under guise of enforcing ‘freedom of religion’ laws. The reasoning is that since Muslims are not the only religionists to commit acts of terrorism that we have to reign in the excessive and hurtful rhetoric against Muslims.

Selective law enforcement will begin soon because according to DOJ officials who are conveniently meeting with the ‘American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee’ to become enlightened on the ways Muslims may be inflamed.

We can safely imagine that if the emails, tweets and Facebook posts were garnered after a single event like the recent Boston bombings, the DOJ would have enough cases to prosecute for several decades to come.

When studying the math on whom exactly is bringing the most terror to the nation and the world, a preponderance of evidence makes the idea of comparison an absurdity. Let’s see.

For Christians we have one act of terrorism from the Oklahoma City bombers. For Hindus we have one act of terror in the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. Terrorist acts generated by Muslims here and around the world have now reached an amazing 20,984 attacks.

Should our DOJ be out trying to quell the dangerous insults or finding ways to prosecute and deter those who would put their religious beliefs ahead of the safety and peace of ordinary citizens? To most of us asking this question might seem silly, but to Eric Holders DOJ and the White House’s ‘Master of Tolerance and Diversity’ the question is not very important.

After the recent terrorist attack in Boston and the new elevated alert level law enforcement has made known for possible terrorist attacks, does this seem like the appropriate time to be coddling Muslims?

It is far easier to understand why the American Freedom Defense Initiative has adopted the slogan “It’s Not Islamophobia, It’s Islamorealism.”

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